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Sculptures, Objets d'architectures and situations
The Burning of the Books on the Residenzplatz_ Salzburg, 2017
Floater, 2012-2015
Come back tomorow, 2009
Lalala version video installation, 2011/2012
Wind park, 2008
Les étoiles, 2008-2009
Sauces, 2011
Slice house, 2005/2008
Objets d'architecture, 2005
L'âme nage, 1999 / 2014
Le phare d’Anglet, 2007
Targets, 2008
Delmas Delmenos, 2010
Un quart, Trois quart, 2003
Lune, 2009
Aires, 2002
La chambre blanche, 2003
Globe, 2006
Fireplaces, 2004
L'immeuble, 1999
Cosy corner, 2002
Hors limites, 1996
Les causeuses, 2003
Raconte moi une histoire, 2000
Passage à gué ou pieds à têtes et têtes à terre, 2016/2017
Flowers, 2013
Kisses, 2011
Western confort, 2003
Bronzes, 1994
Valise, 1999
Tracings, 1994
Palombières, 1995
Qui voit qui ?, 2000
Wood, 1994
Porte à porte, 1994
Sans titre (suspentions), 1996
Wax, 1994



L'âme nage (the soul swimming)
L'âme nage (the soul swimming)
1999 / 2014
24 photographs, wood and iron structure, 24 flexible lamps, 2 lamp glass murano
L’âme qui nage (the soul swimming) is a work-walk. The public takes a wide pontoon, and finds himself slightly raised to discover photographs. Installation scaffolded invitation to travel, provides a special provision to see the images, an interval. This proposal is based on our emotional and sensory states when walking on pontoons or dikes between land and sea. 24 images were carefully selected through a photographic research conducted from 1999 to 2010. The images grow as a sequence. Three out of the water, under water, then new respiration. The trajectory of a long dive.
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Fingers, 1999-2010
Fingers, 1999-2010
Fingers, 1999-2010