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Ligne de Vies
Ligne de Vies
2019 2021
Length: 24m
Width : 1m75
Height 3m40
Brass and stainless steel tube
When a work comes to health.
The handrail is a place of support, of protection. We talk about "handrail".
The words take on meaning in this proposal. The work is analyzed by words like prevention - protection - accompaniment - gaining confidence - re-education - letting go - regaining consciousness - living one's handicap or pathology.

Isn't health an eternal alternation between getting help and helping oneself in order to regain autonomy after recovery? The hand of the patient using the handrail is "assisted" sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left. Thus, while moving in the aisle, the patient (passer-by) changes hands alternately. This approach imposes moments when there is no more physical support and leaves him/her in autonomy.

This gesture, however discreet it may be, is essential. The handrail in its evocation is "accompanying" and tries aesthetically and symbolically to evoke a caress, a care, a crutch that will have to be let go to resume it later. The arches are doors that mark thresholds, stages.

With :
Manufacturing: Zébra3, direction Frédéric Latherade
Mediation: Sophie Larger & Vincent Lacoste
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