Movies and Videos
TargeT, 2022
Asylum, 2019-2021
Bloody sea, 2019
Bloody sea, 2017
CLOUD, 2012 / 2013
By the way, 2013
Some dreams of a sculpture, 2012_2014
Lalala, 2011
Girlfish, 2010
Salsas en las Bardenas reales, 2007
D106, 2007
Le réalisateur et l'acteur, 2005
Commencement, 2010

Sculptures, Objets d'architectures and situations



By the way
By the way
By the way is my most stupid road movie I never done through the simplicity of mirroring the road but definitly so fun ! We let ourselves live through the amazing effect: this mirror will create the axis of the road. As if the image exceeds the reality. By the way is a short film made with the rushes of the location sets for Convoi exceptionnel (a road movie project with a truck which this container is fully mirrored, project blocked by financial difficulties).
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