Movies and Videos
TargeT, 2022
Asylum, 2019-2021
Bloody sea, 2019
Bloody sea, 2017
CLOUD, 2012 / 2013
By the way, 2013
Some dreams of a sculpture, 2012_2014
Lalala, 2011
Girlfish, 2010
Salsas en las Bardenas reales, 2007
D106, 2007
Le réalisateur et l'acteur, 2005
Commencement, 2010

Sculptures, Objets d'architectures and situations



2012 / 2013

All my videos are up to date on the Alix Delmas You Tube channel
Above clouds, several plates of weld wire mesh are handing from a crane's hook. We can hear waves and wind coming to lick an imaginary beach. The iron's rocking makes a fascinating mobile and immobile object of architecture. These plates are usually included in concrete slabs. They solidify foundations. Hanging in the sky, it seems to be a metal cloud stopping the time, a building site's stopping, and more extensively a personnal, a social or a political construction stagnancy and probably personnal...
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