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Sculptures, Objets d'architectures and situations
Tunnel Stellaire, 2023
Floatting, 2021
Gélatine sur verre (filter on glass), 2021
Cibles #3 (Targe t#3), 2021
Acting Company, 2021
Ligne de Vies, 2019 2021
Passage à Gué ou pieds à têtes et têtes à terre, 2019
Captures MONOGRAPHY, 2019
Jetlag paradiso _ Solo Show, 2019
delmas delmenos #2, 2019
The Burning of the Books on the Residenzplatz_ Salzburg, 2017
Flotation, 2012-2015
Come back tomorow, 2009
Lalala version video installation, 2011/2012
Wind park, 2008
Les étoiles, 2008-2009
Sauces, 2011
Slice house, 2005/2008
Objets d'architecture, 2005
L'âme nage, 1999 / 2014
Le phare d’Anglet, 2007
Targets, 2008
Delmas Delmenos, 2010
Un quart, Trois quart, 2003
Lune, 2009
Aires, 2002
La chambre blanche, 2003
Globe, 2006
Fireplaces, 2004
L'immeuble, 1999
Cosy corner, 2002
Hors limites, 1996
Les causeuses, 2003
Raconte moi une histoire, 2000
Passage à gué, 2016/2017
Flowers, 2013
Kisses, 2011
Western confort, 2003
Bronzes, 1994
Valise, 1999
Tracings, 1994
Palombières, 1995
Qui voit qui ?, 2000
Wood, 1994
Porte à porte, 1994
Sans titre (suspentions), 1996
Wax, 1994



The Burning of the Books on the Residenzplatz_ Salzburg
The Burning of the Books on the Residenzplatz_ Salzburg
International competition answer
On the site of the Burning of the Books, April 1938
- In the middle, the concrete cube is transformed by formwork into a concave and cylindrical shape.
- Smooth concrete textur on the inside surface.
- A painted treatment onto the bottom surface of the cylinder accentuates the perspective of depth.
- Books made inconcrete are embedded trougthout the cylinder. The books covers, with no text, will be colored matching the real 1930’s editions.
- The monument glass cover is secure within a stainless steel, shot-blasted, zinc primed and powder. The under-surface is coted with Ritec ‘Clearshield’ which minimises the ability of water droplets to adhere to it. The cover can be lifted out whenever acess to the well is needed.
- An installation of air vents on either side of the cover of the cube to futher minimise the risk of condensation.
- LED lighting with hidden device fixed onto the internal brickwork and connected to the nearest mains supply.
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