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Asylum, 2019-2021
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2019 2021
HD, 29'30", voix et silences.
Master : Apple ProRes 422 1920 × 1080 - 24,7 Go Compression MP4 1,34 Go
- Version projection
- Version installation (ask document !)
Short Synopsis
Asylum is the silent story of several people in a migration situation. Based on real interviews in the Schengen area, the questions remain unanswered. The film is built on two different perceptions: documentary and metaphorical. Thus, the mise en scène lets our mind drift between a concrete sound narrative and the flow of images.

ASYLUS (ASILE) is the silent narrative of four people seeking asylum in the Schengen area. Divided into four tableaux, each interview begins with the same question: "Why did you leave your country? ". The questions to the asylum seekers are based on real interviews that remain unanswered. As they listen, a doctored voice asks the individuals why they left: domestic violence, political orientation, prostitution and ethnic massacres. On the screen, a hand knocks on the glass, a rising water, the manipulation of a transparent plastic veil or the last leaf of the tree. The film is built on two different perceptions: documentary and metaphorical. The direction lets our mind drift between a cold and concrete sound documentary and the subjective flow of the images.
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